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Fix-Umzüge GmbH (Fix Movers GmbH)

Mobility - an appearance of our time. Almost every change of work place, every family change, includes a residence change as a consequence. Moves are a confidential matter which you will not trust to just anyone. Fix-Umzüge GmbH, Karlsruhe, is one of the most renowned enterprises of the moving industry. Founded in 1961, our firm started from a small beginning and through diligence, reliability and commitment we have won the trust of our customers at home and abroad.

With the years, the tasks provided and with that our fleet of vehicles has grown. The presence of the "running elephant" on the well kept green moving trucks is not to be thought away from our streets in this day and age anymore.
Multiplicity is a requirement posed these days to an enterprise of the magnitude of "Fix-Umzüge". Our service therefore includes an offer free of charge as well as specialized (qualified) advice both for private customers, companies and authorities. The construction and installation of kitchens, fittings, gas, water and electrical appliances just as well as the transportation of delicate and precious goods are a part of this service. This is, of course, only possible with trained employees that have enjoyed this trust working at "Fix-Umzüge" for a great number of years.